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***New Product Now Available***
G&G Tools AR-15 Bolt Carrier cleaner is now available.  Just like the bolt cleaner and polisher, the carrier cleaner works without the use of solvent. It efficiently removes built up carbon by scraping it off the interior surface of the carrier then polishing away the residual with a polishing pad.  This only takes a few seconds to complete and it is a simple and efficient product that really works.  Here are two photos: a dirty carrier, then the clean one...
Watch the video here:

Carrier Scraper

G & G Tools prides itself on designing gun cleaning products that are efficient and useful.  We developed these products with the user in mind and set the goal at making gun cleaning easier.  The carbon build up on the AR-15 bolt tail can be a challenge for even the experienced gun cleaner.  After years of cleaning the AR-15/M-16 bolt tail with everything from fancy solvents to dental picks, I realized that there had to be a better way.  G & G Tools came up with a solution for cleaning the carbon off the AR-15/M-16 bolt tail in just a matter of seconds.  The cleaner and polisher strips away every last bit of carbon from the bolt tail surface.  And if you're in more of a hurry, the cut down cleaner version is the tool for you, it scrapes off the carbon build up and gets you back in action fast.  No need for any messy solvents to get your bolt clean, the G & G Tools bolt cleaners are designed to be used without any solvents.
Now the already proven G&G Tools .223 bolt tail cleaner and polisher is available in .308.  After many requests for a .308 tool, we made one.  We took it a step further though and made it an optional multi-gun tool so you can clean your .223 AR-15 and your .308 AR-10 with one tool by simply switching out the scraper blade.  The .308 tool is made the same as the .223 tool, but is modified to accomodate the bolts from either rifle.

Today's Specials

G&G Tools AR-15 Carrier Scraper $12.99
Price: $12.99
G&G Tools AR-15 Carrier Scraper $12.99
G&G Tools Bolt Carrier Scraper cleans the carbon from inside the carrier with a few simple turns of the scraper.
G & G Tools bolt cleaning products are made with Delrin, a hard plastic chosen for it's long lasting qualities and durability.  G & G Tools produces  quality products, made from exceptional material, that are built to last.  The bolt cleaning tool scraper blades are made of 100% stainless steel and each corner is double cut for a scraping radius on each side.  The photos below show the steps in the cleaning process.  The first photo is of a dirty AR-15 bolt, the second photo shows the built up carbon removed after the scraping process, and the third photo shows the final result after cleaning and polishing with the Bolt Cleaner and Polisher tool.
All G & G bolt cleaning tools are made in the USA